Sivgech Tang

From: Phnom Penh


English, Khmer


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  • Online class (Skype...)

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  • Online Class (Skype)
  • Phsar Deum Thkov
  • Tuol Tompoung
  • Boeng Tompun
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    Hello, My name Sivgech Tang. I am living in Phnom Penh and I have a full time job at a social enterprise and I am studying the Bachelor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I had some experiences teaching my foreign colleague about Khmer language and our culture. I find teaching is fun as it is not only a space that we can share and learn the knowledge, but we also get to know more friends and people at the same time.

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    Lesson cost for 10 hours

    One student USD 100.00
    Two students USD 150.00
    Student Group USD 200.00
    Online class (Skype...) USD 100.00

    Lesson cost for 20 hours

    One student USD 190.00
    Two students USD 285.00
    Student Group USD 380.00
    Online class (Skype...) USD 190.00

    Lesson cost for 30 hours

    One student USD 270.00
    Two students USD 405.00
    Student Group USD 540.00
    Online class (Skype...) USD 270.00

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