Boproek Kim

From: Phnom Penh Thmey, Sen Sok, Phnom Penh


English, Thai, Khmer


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  • Toul Kork
  • Phnom Penh Thmey
  • Toek Thla
  • Kakab
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    My name is Boproek. I graduated from the Pannasastra University of Cambodia majoring in TESOL. I enjoy learning about people, food, languages, and cultures around the world. 
    I am familiar with a wide range of both English and Khmer terminologies. I am happy to share my knowledge and support you to grow and reach your goals. I am currently working as a freelance translator for a non-profit organization. 
    I have many years of experience tutoring Korean, American students in the Khmer language. I used to volunteer in a local church and taught students English​ for years. I have experience helping people from different sectors communicate while I was working as an interpreter in American companies for hospitals, clinics, insurance, Department of Human Services offices, SNAP, 911 emergency services, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, churches, and schools across America over the phone. 
    Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my profile. I am pleased to meet you and discuss more about your goals. Have a nice day.

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    Lesson cost

    10 hours Offline Online
    One student USD 120 USD 100
    Two students USD 180 USD 150
    Student Group USD 240 USD 200
    20 hours Offline Online
    One student USD 228 USD 190
    Two students USD 342 USD 285
    Student Group USD 456 USD 380
    30 hours Offline Online
    One student USD 324 USD 270
    Two students USD 486 USD 405
    Student Group USD 648 USD 540

    Payment to TKL

    1. Local Payment
      1. ABA Bank
        • Name: Hok Sreymom
        • Account No.: 000454403
      2. Wing
        • Tel: 092 60 62 63
      3. True Money
        • Tel: 092 60 62 63
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      1. Western Union or Money Gram
        • Name: Hok Sreymom
        • Address: #774, St. 02, Chak Angre Krom, P.P. Cambodia.
      2. PayPal (+10%)
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      3. Ria (ABA)
    • Name: Hok Sreymom
    • Email:
    • Tel: 092 60 62 63
    • Address: #774, St. 02, Chak Angre Krom, P.P. Cambodia.