Meassreynuon MANG

From: Chom Chao, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


English, Chinese, French, Khmer


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  • Chom Chao
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    Hello, welcome to Khmer Lesson! You can call my nickname is Silei. I am 20 years old; I am a student at Royal University of law and Economic .and I am a student level B1 at Institute français du Cambodge. my favorite thing is learning new languages and I was high school I love Khmer language and I am also good student with it and before I was a Chinese teacher and English teacher for children at school. It’s not easy but because of loving teaching, I am trying to do it. now I can speak Khmer, English, French and Chinese but it's not perfect. Do you know why I love these languages? Because I would like to know something new, learning new languages is the best for me and it makes me know how different about others countries like people, culture, traditional, food...etc. I am happy to communicate with every topic and share to each other to improve and get many new knowledge, good experience in our life. Have a great time!

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