Channisa Vann

From: Boeng Salang, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


English, French, Khmer


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  • Boeng Trabek
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    My name is Vann Channisa. I’m 18 years old. I am the junior at French law at Royal University of Law and Economic and French literature at Institute of Foreign Languages. For the past time I used to be a good student of Khmer language in high school, I’ve been going to teaching my friend and inspire me to know that I love to teaching so much. And also it gave me the best experience and the good memories for me. I didn’t only get the general knowledge but it taught me a lot to challenge the struggles, patient, sharing love, options, and different experience. Moreover it taught me to be more tolerant. more than that, it taught me to be a person who has acceptance and will continue to learn new things, since my family is living in medium rank so I had to learn to accept the lack, the happiness that we have, to be sharing with each other, gratitude to help others and do not wish to get anything back from them. Furthermore, I’ve got a strong commitment and confidence in achieving my goals and do my best to make the world know more about Cambodia. In particular, I really want to help other people who want to learn about Khmer language to get a good education that is the most valuable for their life as well as for also understanding more about Khmer culture as well. Because I know that everyone wants to learn to develop and to live in the abundance and happiness.

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