Learn Cambodian - Everyday Dialogues For Foreigners (Part I) - Soft

In this book we have compiled simple dialogues which will enable foreigners to easily learn Khmer at a basic level. This book also contains phonetic and Khmer translation, grammar, Khmer spelling and vocabulary. Also included is Youtube link (https://www.youtube.com/learncambodian) for sound record so that listeners can practice correct Khmer pronunciation.

Please note that there is no standard phonetic transliteration of Khmer into English. All phonetics used in this book were developed by Khmer Lesson Team.

We hope you enjoy learning Khmer and at this point we would like to say: Let us get started and let us learn Khmer!

The Khmer Lesson (TKL),


Table of contents

Lesson 01 : Hello Preview
Lesson 02 : Country
Lesson 03 : Numbers
Lesson 04 : Days and Months
Lesson 05 : Personal Pronouns
Lesson 06 : Tenses
Lesson 07 : Introducing Yourself
Lesson 08 : Already and Not Yet
Lesson 09 : Direction
Lesson 10 : Food and Drink
Lesson 11 : Khmer Foods
Lesson 12 : Coffee Shop
Lesson 13 : Using Number with Container
Lesson 14 : Market
Lesson 15 : Fruits, Vegetables and Meats
Lesson 16 : Condiments
Lesson 17 : Time
Lesson 18 : Location
Lesson 19 : Some Places You Should Know In Phnom Penh
Lesson 20 : Calling Someone
Guide to Pronunciation Preview

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