Learn Cambodian For Beginners - A1


  • No Prerequisite Knowledge of Cambodian Needed.


This course is really useful for foreigners aiming to learn Cambodian with basic conversation. All of these lectures consist of many simple conversation that can help foreigners when they want to come to visit Cambodia.  I have put altogether situations, questions or problems which you could possibly encounter here while you are staying in Cambodia. I hope this course would be very useful things for you. I wish your traveling and staying in Cambodia would be very enjoyable and fun!
Please enjoy it.   

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Table of contents

Lesson 01 : Greeting Preview
Lesson 02 : Numbers
Lesson 03 : Shopping
Lesson 04 : About the Weather
Lesson 05 : Asking for Direction
Lesson 06 : Hobbies
Lesson 07 : About Family
Lesson 08 : At the Market
Lesson 09 : Self-Introduction
Lesson 10 : At a Pharmacy

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